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Studio IV is the violin and viola teaching studio of Erin Ellis in Brooklyn, NY.

ACMP Chamber Music Play-In Weekend

This weekend, March 1-2, 2014 is the annual ACMP Worldwide Chamber Music Play-In.  This is an informal event that happens yearly the first weekend in March. Musicians get together in their homes, in event spaces, in hotel lobbies, anywhere they can think of, and read chamber music together for fun. 

I'll miss it this year as I'll be soaking up some rays in Miami to escape this never-ending winter, so I decided to meet with my friend Barbara (also a violinist) and play some duets today. We read through and practiced all three movements of the Bach Double in preparation for playing with his sister, a pianist in a few weeks.

I love playing chamber music. There's something really fun about being so exposed and really listening to yourself and the other players. I always learn so much every time I'm lucky enough to have good people with whom to play.

I encourage everyone to find a group and give some music a read through this weekend. And while this weekend I'll be soaking up some much needed Vitamin D, I'll plan on joining you next year!

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